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Africa is widely regarded as one of the best places in the world to go on safari because to the incredible variety of its species, wilderness areas, and landscapes. While it is feasible to explore the region on one’s own, going via a reputable tour operator to book one’s trip may transform an average experience into one that is truly remarkable. 

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Connecting Johannesburg with Hoedspruit, the Wildlife Capital of South Africa

The daily Shuttle Transfers between Kruger/Hoedspruit & Johannesburg are known for their safety and dependability.

You will get the opportunity to photograph some of South Africa’s most breath-taking scenery on the route through both the Highveld and the Lowveld regions of the country.

The six pick-up or drop-off spots close to Hoedspruit have been selected with great care because of their close proximity to all of the game lodges and safari activities that are located in the private game reserves in the surrounding Greater Kruger area.

Route and stops along the way:

Shuttle Routes and Timing of Daily Transfers from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit

The shuttle departs from the Glenfair Shopping Centre in Pretoria East (An additional pick up fee of R50.00per person is applicable) in Pretoria at 06:30 am and from the O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg at 07:00. The transfer takes around 6 to 7 hours, with two convenience stops along the route, so travellers will have the opportunity to use the restroom and purchase snacks before continuing on their journey. Your arrival destination can be any of the following 6 convenient Hoedspruit locations:

Shuttle Routes and Timing of Daily Transfers from Hoedspruit to Johannesburg

This safe and reliable daily shuttle service also include two comfort stops en-route, allowing passengers to have a break, go to the bathroom, and buy refreshments for the rest of the journey. The 6 pick-up locations have been located in the surrounding private game reserves. The shuttle departs from 6 convenient locations in the Hoedspruit area, carefully chosen due to their proximity to several game lodges and safari operations, so you have the choice to board it for your journey at any of the following stops:
You should arrive at O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg by 17:15 and further at the Glenfair Shopping Centre in Pretoria East by 17:45. An additional drop off fee of R50.00 per person is applicable for this drop-off destination.

What You Need to Know About the Daily Shuttle Between Hoedspruit & Johannesburg


  • The timing plan for the daily shuttle service is only a suggestion, and it may change depending on factors such as traffic, the weather, or delays at comfort stops. When necessary, the team in charge of reservations will be in direct contact with the relevant booking agencies, transfer firms, and hotel providers.
  • The fleet is comprised entirely of the most up-to-date models of vehicles, so you may travel in style and comfort the whole trip.
  • The drivers have in-depth knowledge of the route that the daily shuttle takes between Hoedspruit and Johannesburg and are able to enlighten passengers with some fascinating information as they go.
  • It is the responsibility of the passenger or the booking agent to make previous arrangements for collecting at their preferred drop-off location.


In addition to this shuttle service, Safari Link Southern Africa offers a private transfer service between the drop-off places for their shuttles and the resorts located within the wider Hoedspruit area.

The Options of a Private Transfer

Safari Link Southern Africa recognises how important it is to have a travelling experience that is well-organised and devoid of worry, therefore they also offer private shuttles and safaris to South Africa’s national parks and private game reserves, so that you can experience the finest degree of comfort and luxury possible.

All the drivers are also trained and certified to serve as field guides on safari.

Other services offered by Safari Link

Safari Link also offer the following services:

If you are an agent please contact us for STO rates. travel@safarilinksa.com

What to expect on Safari Link Daily Shuttle

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