Daily Middelburg & Hoedspruit Shuttle

Hoedspruit is a small town that has a way of winning over the hearts of those who come to visit it because of its location between the gorgeous northern Drakensberg Mountains and the Kruger National Park.

This undiscovered treasure exudes an unmistakable allure that compels guests to take pleasure in the one-of-a-kind combination of natural splendour and genuine hospitality it offers.

Dawid Johannes Joubert originally named the river “Hoedspruit”, which literally means “Hat River” when a cloud burst caused the Zandspruit to flood, and Joubert lost his hat in the swiftly moving water.

Visitors enjoy taking a cruise on the Blyde Dam right in the middle of the Mighty Blyde River Canyon, spending a day on the Panorama Route exploring the Potholes, Three Rondavels, God’s Window, and many other attractions, but ultimately, the nearby Kruger National Park offers them an action-packed experience in an open safari vehicle.

The Eastgate Airport, which is located on the same runway as the runway at the Air Force base, is served by a number of charter firms and airlines.

Safari Link provides a regular shuttle service between Middelburg and Hoedspruit.

Middelburg is a modern town in Mpumalanga’s Cultural Heartland but also serves as the area’s agricultural, industrial, and communications hub. Middelburg is presently renowned as the Stainless Steel Capital of Africa due to the presence of a huge stainless steel plant known as Columbus Stainless.

Golfers can enjoy a peaceful round of golf at Middelburg’s undulating golf course and only a few minutes away is the Loskop Dam and the Middelburg Nature Reserve.

Hundreds of people visit this location each year to attend the Middelburg Jazz Festival, which takes place in March. Middelburg has a lot to offer history buffs, as it is home to a few museums and interesting structures. Among these are the Memorial Museum, Meyer’s Bridge, the Dutch Reformed Church, and others.

We also offer shuttle services between Hoedspruit and Nelspruit.

Connecting Middelburg with Hoedspruit

A daily shuttle service between Hoedspruit in Limpopo and Middelburg in Mpumalanga is offered by Safari Link Southern Africa as part of a service between Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport and Phalaborwa.

The shuttle departs from Johannesburg early in the morning, with a stop at Middelburg on the N4 for passengers to join. From there, the shuttle travels via Belfast, Dullstroom, Lydenburg, Ohrigstad and the Abel Erasmus Pass to Hoedspruit.

You will arrive at the Kamogelo Tourism Centre in Hoedspruit around 13:00.

Connecting Hoedspruit with Middelburg

This shuttle follows the same route in the opposite direction, leaving Hoedspruit (Kamogelo Centre) around 11:00.

The Benefits of Choosing the Safari Link Shuttle

Using the Safari Link shuttle service can be a safer alternative for foreigners, as you can avoid driving on unfamiliar and potentially dangerous roads, and unfamiliar weather conditions.

You can trust competent and experienced drivers who are familiar with the routes, local norms and regulations, and emergency services. You can decrease your exposure to crime, violence, or scams that may target tourists.

However, when travelling, you should also observe common safety precautions and suggestions, such as keeping your valuables and documents secure, remaining vigilant and aware of your surroundings, and respecting local culture and customs.

You save time and money by not having to rent a car, deal with the stress of self-driving, or seek forms of transportation.

Instead of dealing with traffic, instructions, or other difficulties, you may relax, work, or socialise on the shuttle bus.

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